Digital Lizards Of Doom

Digital Lizards Of Doom is a live performance show produced by Gabriel Valentin, the creator of the pop culture web series "The D.L.O.D. Show Live At Meltdown Comics" in Hollywood CA. Digital Lizards Of Doom (The band) brings a new blend of electronic rock and gathers its influences from such artists as The Strokes, Daft Punk and Gorillaz. 

Digital Lizards Of Doom’s most recent release “Dizzy Eko Makeover” reached #12 on the UK independent charts and the band's debut music video for the track “I Don’t Know How To Dance” reached worldwide headlines in only its first week of circulation.  The live performance showcases the adventures of Dizzy Doom and Commander Eko, characters who appear regularly on "The D.L.O.D. Show Live At Meltdown Comics" along with other guests such as Mr. Hahn (Linkin Park), Andy Schawtz (Pocketwatch Games) and Jace Hall (Twin Galaxies). 

If you love bluesy rock, electronic music, video games, comic books or fantasy novels then you will fall in love with the sounds of D.L.O.D. So come be a part of our show or just crank up that ghetto blaster and enjoy the epic ballads of Digital Lizards Of Doom!