Known as “Gallie” professionally, Megan Hope Fisher is a songwriter, composer, producer and media personality from San Diego, California.

Gallie began songwriting as a teenager, and first collaborated and performed with an all-girl’s quartet before honing her personal songwriting and performing in college. It was there Gallie joined an indie folk duo called ‘Novel Concept,’ where she and her co-artist Brian Reames self-recorded and released her first full-length album. In 2014, she worked with close friend and business partner Matthew Murphy (Illuminate Studios) to produce her EP For Your Consideration. Over the next ten years Gallie would collaborate, perform and tour with bands across the United States. In 2017, Gallie developed her own performance coaching and music consultation business Gallie’s Alley, for songwriters and people in the music industry. Gallie is currently writing and recording with EDM/house production platforms, composing for video game and graphic comic series’, working on a radio show, developing her brand, and recording solo music.

Gallie is a multi-instrumentalist, and writes with “anything she can get her hands on” including: piano/keyboard, guitar, mandolin, melodica, and random percussion. She takes deep pride in her melodic and harmonic construction, and states that harmonies are her favorite part of songwriting. Her primary instruments are her voice and piano.

Though she writes in many genres, including pop, folk, country, americana, adult contemporary, bluegrass, and more, Gallie’s original music is considered indie pop/indie folk. Megan draws from diverse influences, pulling inspiration from: Keane, Vallis Alps, Bon Iver, Joni Mitchell, Coleman Hell, The Weepies, Ingrid Michaelson, and The Hush Sound.