Lee The Fourth

Old School Hip Hop flavor fused with a modern day spin is what you'll come to find when listening to the eclectic Lee the Fourth. He has spent the better part of his existence soaring up through the underground Rap ranks; leaving in his wake a trail of theatricality and lyricism that is deep like ocean itself. He effortlessly extracts the attention of listeners with his versatile musical abilities. On one hand he can evoke serious emotion when discussing the ills of society with edgy songs such as "Machine Minds" & "Rebel Tactics". Then on the other hand with "World of Dreams" & "Cool Fit" hit the audience with something so fun and light-hearted that they'll feel as if they're on cloud nine.                                       

Lee the Fourth began writing his first rhymes at the very young age of eight. Many different inspirations set firmly into his mind at that time of his life which he has proudly carried into adulthood. Imagine a pallet of Anime, Manga, Comics, Martial Arts and Video Games swirled together to create a beautiful piece of audible art. Nas, Akira Toriyama, Lupe Fiasco, Will Smith, Hideo Kojima, Bob Marley, Tupac, and Bruce Lee are among some of the people responsible for inspiring his unique artistic style. So find it as no surprise when he utilizes many of his child hood influences which is most apparent on tracks like "Go Hard or Go Home" and the ominous "Cold Metal". He produces the majority of his beats as well, blending synth and conventional instrumentation.                                         

Nobody knows how this agent of wanderlust came to inhabit this planet but ancient prophecies foretold of his imminent arrival. They spoke of a man who would come to liberate the people through music, enhancing the knowledge in their minds, and the love in their hearts. Ally to all those who stand for what they believe in. Enemy to all those who seek to control through fear and oppression. He was sent here to make the world a better place or die trying.                                                    

So transport yourself into the mind of Lee the Fourth where you will be filled with positivity, nostalgia, good vibes and thought provoking concepts. See you there!