Raji Rabbit

Energetic and creative, Raji Rabbit will get the club hopping! From giving away glowing rabbit ears to ladies in attendance to dropping the hottest music set.

Raji Rabbit began in the small town of Evansville Indiana where at the age of 16 he started into the Hip-Hop scene DJing with a traditional Vinyl DJ setup. Under the name of DJ Raj he started recording for local hip-hop artists in the area. With a growing profile, DJ Raj began his own radio program “The New Standard” on 1400 AM WEOA. Later a format change led DJ Raj into the FM band working for years with 106.1 KISS FM where DJ Raj would produce mix shows, commercials, and imaging as well as hosting live remotes and on air shifts.

In the summer of 2008 DJ Raj toured with rap artist Kasper From The K, on his “Watcha Gonna Do” EP promo tour with EO Music. This led to DJ Raj’s hunger for National success and sparked his move to San Diego, California in November 2010. Here DJ Raj had an eye opening experience into the EDM world and culture. DJ Raj attended a festival with a friend who gave Raj a set of rabbit ears to wear throughout the day, which brought back memories of a childhood nickname of “Raji Rabbit”.

DJ Raj officially changed his name to Raji Rabbit on September 8th 2011, Which coincided with the huge 2011 Southwest Blackout! Raji Rabbit now wears custom rabbit ears at live shows, while having light up ears at special sets which he throws into the crowd! The Rabbit does multiply, by the end of the evening venues are packed with new rabbits!

Winter 2013 Raji Rabbit released his original EDM EP “The Luck Feet EP” which can be found on Beatport and other global stations. Raji Rabbit creates amazing remixes and produces original music available now for download with over 40,000 followers on Sound Cloud! Keep an eye out for Raji Rabbits new EP in production now….