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On Demand Insurance for Independent Workers

Here at Noize Cartel Records, we prefer to work with good people who do good business, and when it comes to business insurance there is no other company that we think compares to Thimble! Words could not describe how happy we are to work with an insurance provider that offers such a fair deal for the entertainment industry, and many others.

  • Thimble offers on-demand insurance by the hour, day, or month so you can buy policies only for the time you need. Thimble has an app that makes it quick and easy to take out a new policy at any time.
  • Being in a fast paced industry like we are, this means we can get a Certificate of Insurance just hours before a gig, which helps enable us to take on any opportunity at the drop of a hat. This allows us to maintain efficiency which is vital to us as a busy record label.
  • The customer service Thimble offers is first class. We took out our first policy on their website, all our questions were answered immediately and thoroughly, and within minutes we had obtained a new policy. We now use the app so we can take out policies on the spot for events, music videos, live gigs, etc and have the flexibility to extend, change, or cancel right from the app.

We are so grateful for the service Thimble offers we wanted to make sure our family and friends could benefit from the service as well, so get connected and share the love!