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Noize Cartel Records is an International Independent Record Label created to bring decency and respect back into music, through helping talented artists succeed in the music industry independently. Noize Cartel Records has developed a fair structure designed to benefit artists to the fullest extent, incorporating a unique platform which helps artists achieve their goals in the music industry through connections with a circle of amazing people, ready to lend a hand and mentor you to be a successful independent artist!

Noize Cartel Records provides digital distribution to the commercial music market worldwide, releasing on over 400 platforms including all the major stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Apple Music, Google Play, Spotify, DJ Tunes, Amazon, and more. Noize Cartel Records artists benefit from having their music available globally so their fans can download and stream their releases from their favourite music store. Working with a record label who has a sound understanding of the music industry, artists benefit by learning the steps to getting their new music releases featured on major platforms, and into the top 100 music charts! Developing a unique system structured to help independent artists get exposure through commercial radio play and television broadcast, Noize Cartel Records will help your career as an independent artist and give you the freedom and support you need to achieve your dreams in Music!

Noize Cartel Records will provide assistance and advice to any aspiring artist, feel free to contact NCR anytime!

Artists interested in joining the family please send an email link to your original music, or send physical Cd's to:

Noize Cartel Records

2344 Romney Rd

San Diego CA 92109 USA

Ph: (858) 750-9803