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Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it matters. Just because it’s outstanding doesn’t mean it will be heard. When you stop worrying if your music is either, you can maybe pull off both.

Michael Buehl and Avery Brown have worked together for half a decade to create dance-able but complex electronic music. Originally a fusion drummer and a shoegaze bass player who wanted to explore
synths, their work evolved into something unexpected. Dance floor beats and layers of synths meld with live drums, bass and guitar from two guys who can seriously play.

They’ve taken their sound to venues across Southern California including The Casbah, The Soda
Bar, The House of Blues, The Merrow, Cantor’s Deli and the Beauty Bar. Most recently they teamed up with Cara Potiker, a singer/songwriter who gyrates back and forth between deep soul lines and 80s inspired hooks all within a few breaths. The connection was instant, and the sound is complete.

Together they’ve created a full length album of Electronic in a retro futuristic style. A style owing as much influence to Depeche Mode and Missing Persons as LCD Soundsystem and Empire of the Sun. The resulting set fits in as
easily with DJ’s and electronic festivals as Alternative shows. The sound is honed, the stage show is hypnotic and the playing is damn good.

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