Born in Highland California, Ryan McKelvey, (aka “ArKay”), developed an interest in rap/hip-hop at age 8 when he overheard his brother playing it in the next room. Developing an appreciation for various types of music, Ryan began to learn guitar as well as other live instruments. Soon Ryan began to write lyrics, taking inspiration from artists such as Eminem and Hospin. At the age of 17, Ryan studied a variety of rappers such as Tech n9ne, Diabolic and Vinnie pazz to see what tips and tricks he could get from them. A year later he decided to adopt the name ArKay.

ArKay hit the studio for the first time to see what would happen. Who knew that from this a single would be released called “Emotion and Pain” that ended up spreading around the world. A growing fan base became eager for more, motivating ArKay to continue creating music. In 2014 ArKay began to work with Noize Cartel Records which has paved the way for live performances throughout Southern California. ArKay became known for his ability to deliver music in a way that captivated his audience through performing at venues such as The Air Conditioned Lounge, The Jumping Turtle, The Kava Lounge, and the Eternal Music Festival!

ArKay’s debut single FML was released on the commercial market worldwide March 2016. Making a substantial impact as an independent artist, ArKay has been a guest on LYLT Radio and continues to get airplay around the world. Working alongside some of the most respected names in music has led to upcoming collaborations and more original music to be released throughout the year.