Bad For Good

Be ready to lose yourself in the music, when you experience a fusion of talent by the name of Bad For Good! This three piece Indie Rock band from San Diego, emerged in the year 2000 when two talented musicians with a passion for music found themselves sharing a stage.

Bad For Good is known for their strong stage presence, while the powerful vocals from Janae engage and interact with the crowd, lead guitarist Eddie will spin your head around, with a fusion of shredding guitar licks and digital technology! Developing the name for their unwillingness to conform to, what is considered, normal society, Bad For Good shows this through their creativity of complex original music, creative covers of popular songs, and the ability to do it all live with a full band or acoustically!

The band’s popularity in Southern California grew through front man Eddie, whose reputation to consistently deliver rocking entertainment through wailing guitar solos, slapping the funk out of a bass and drawing a crowd ready for a good time! Eddie’s exposure grew in Southern California through his recognition as the opening act for Mick Adams and the Stones, lead guitar player for 4Ever, renown guitar destroyer for Cheap Date, as well as Skinny White Bitch and also grooving bassist for The Shakedown Daddies. After countless stage appearances for sold out shows at the House of Blues, The Coach House, various live entertainment venues in San Diego as well as Festival stages large and small, Eddie’s musical talent combined with Janae’s passion for music, creates the foundation behind Bad For Good. Their extensive industry experience and versatility, consistency in providing fun entertainment, and reputation in the music scene, has classed Bad For Good as one of the most requested live acts in San Diego!