Beatzsick, also known as Cole Chapman, is a well known DJ/Producer from Salt Lake City, Utah. Beatzsick specializes in Dubstep, Trap, Electro, and even Hip Hop. A style like none other Beatzsick likes to incorporate string instruments in his productions. Cole's life of music started 15 years ago, when he started taking violin lessons, but it doesn't end there. In Cole's young ages he started traveling around with his father performing as a DJ for local events such as high school dances, concerts, county fairs and much more. Following in his fathers footsteps, Cole began to have a passion for performing live DJ sets.

After attending many of the local EDM shows, Cole started falling in love with the electronic sounds heard world wide. It was at a show called Dreamland where he first saw Odix perform. After the show Cole saw Odix walking around the crowd, Cole knew he'd be foolish for not stopping Odix to talk. From this Cole decided to get his first DJ lesson scheduled. Since then Odix has been a big inspiration to Cole. The career of Beatzsick started as a DJ, escalated to producing, and now even audio engineering. Beatzsick started producing in 2009, his trance influenced sounds moved to electro house and now the sound he's been looking for...Bass Music. One of Beatzsick's earlier productions titled "The Big Bang" was featured on Highway To Fame, a music organization that highlights artists world wide to get their music and name heard. Beatzsick is now signed to Noize Cartel Records, getting ready to release his first single titled "Soothing Violence" featuring MC Icy Blu and Vocalist Danika. He is now working on a five track EP that will be released in the coming months.

"My ultimate goal is to be able to live off of the music I make and perform. If it goes further than that, I'll be living my dream. Music is everything to me. Music is life". - Beatzsick