Cramer Creative

A San Diego native, Austin Cramer is passionate about making music, plain and simple.

Austin Cramer's passion for music started at the young age of 10. Austin followed his dream throughout his growing up which has today led him to be an amazing musician and singer songwriter. Austin Cramer has since written his own original music and lyrics, drummed in a metal band, and played in churches.

Music is where his heart is, Austin feels at home when he performs and leads a great stage presence, which is made clear when you hear Austin Cramer sing and watch his live show. Under the moniker Cramer Creative, Austin writes admittedly cheesy love songs, with a host of catchy melodies and honest lyrics. Cramer's passion for what he does shines bright in his songwriting and performance. Ultimately, Austin Cramer of Cramer Creative loves what he does, and that's why he does it.