Digital Lizards Of Doom

Digital Lizards of Doom is an electronic rock band and brand from San Diego, CA. The duo consists of Gabriel Valentin (guitar, strings, vocals) and Gallie (keys, mandolin, vocals) both singer-songwriters, producers, performers, and composers independently signed to Noize Cartel Records.

Digital Lizards of Doom is best known for their collaborations/productions with other artists, DJs and producers, their presence in pop culture, and their contributions to the electronic dance music and rock music genres. The duo's emergence in early 2018 was timed as Valentin moved toward the final stages of long-awaited album Lizards and Labyrinths: a collaborative project featuring artists and writers from all over the world.

Musically, the alliance generates 20+ years of songwriting and performing for both artists, who independently promote and produce their own material. Valentin started the project, and brought on Fisher, after which they finished Lizards and Labyrinths, and began working on solo albums. Their music has been likened to that of Daft Punk, Beck, Gorillaz and White Stripes, their sound "a new blend of rock and blues in the underground electronic scene" and their energy on stage as "candid" "fun" and "inviting."