Gabriel Valentin

My name is Gabriel Valentin, and when it comes to comics and music, or comics and video games, I'm a hopeless romantic. I’m talking: rose petals on the bed, champagne in the ice bucket, and of course a little mood lighting before I stock up on potions and head into the next dungeon. My deepest passions have forever been composition, and storytelling. I’ve spent over a decade touring, working with writers, and assisting music producers in their recording sessions.

In 2014, I decided to unite my love of music and storytelling, to create the live art show known as "Digital Lizards Of Doom" - an award winning band, and a love letter to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. I have completed three national tours, showcased on several cable networks, secured an international record deal, and produced entertainment for channels like Nerdist, SYFY, Spike TV, Warner Bros and Nintendo. I was recently featured in Forbes magazine, where I was invited to discuss my own influence in the pop-culture genre. All the relationships that I have made in the industry have only added fuel to my passion for the arts, and given me the ingredients I need to feed my hunger for all things musical and nerdy.