Joshua Odessa

A cosmic nomad traveling through an unknown galaxy, was once born into countless lives, to learn significant lessons along the way. This old soul is here on Planet Earth. With an expansive love for culture and musical genre, he has fused liberal noise from abstract Hip-Hop, Reggae, Metalcore, R&B, and Funk with Acoustic, Video Game, Anime, and even a bit of EDM sounds. His multi-form style makes each record distinct. Our Mystic is now on the shores of San Diego, using the name “Joshua Odessa.” As a symbol of Yin & Yang, Joshua Odessa composes colorful lyrics entwined with his Rap, and Singing techniques. Wielding an Acoustic Guitar as his weapon, he is well equipped for executing a rhythmic swing to his original music.

Joshua Odessa has also been seen busking at San Diego hotspots like, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach & Downtown. These street performances happen on weekends, as well as weekdays, so keep your ears peeled for some uplifting covers of your favorite songs! He’s headlined at North Park’s very own “Queen Bee’s” and put on shows at local gatherings, bars, and non-profit charitable organizations. If you find yourself at one of his shows, prepare for an interactive experience, he is known to be full of nostalgic energy when under the spotlight!

A Quest for Freedom Begins!

Joshua Odessa continues to develop into the strongest version of himself, to help boost unity, end modern day slavery, decrease suffering, and raise the vibrations of every listener. He’s been inspired by life teachers; Ralph Smart, Teal Swan & Elliott Hulse, while on the other hand musically influenced by; Lupe Fiasco, Bob Marley, Earth Wind and Fire, The Flatbush Zombies, Muse, J. Cole, Childish Gambino, The Underachievers, and Mega Ran to name most. If you’re a Dreamer, Gamer, Otaku or Monk! Then you just might resonate with the soul of Joshua Odessa.