Somewhere between New Order and Empire of the Sun is the danceable but complex sound of Light Rail. After graduating music school a drummer, Michael Buehl needed more. He started exploring synths, inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode and Aphex Twin but making a sound all his own. He teamed up with Avery Brown, a bass player who had just wrapped up a tour of Japan and was also thirsty to pay homage to his electronic heroes. They steadily built a fan base, playing L.A. and San Diego venues including The Casbah, The Soda Bar, The House of Blues, the Merrow, the Tin Can Ale House, The Griffin, Cantor’s Deli, and The Stage.

After multiple singers what can only be described as fate got them in touch with Cara Potiker, a singer/songwriter who sits firmly outside of any generic image or label. She gyrates back and forth between deep soul lines to eighties inspired hooks all within a few breaths. The trio complete, their sound continued to evolve, prompting them to change their name from Setback City to Light Rail. It resonated with the retro futuristic style that emerged from their collective writing. Together they’ve created a full length album of NuWave and Electronica to drop on their fans. Their show combines audiovisuals, live drums, guitar, synth and vocals to create a unique live electronic experience. Their diverse set can slide between genres, fitting in as easily with DJ’s and electronic festivals as Indie rock shows.