Runaway Sunday

Runaway Sunday is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, from Queensland, Australia known to deliver an entertaining live performance through a broad range of genres, captivating vocals with guitar & harmonica, and topping it off with a bass drum and high hat!

Runaway Sunday blends styles of Alternative, Folk, and Blues to create music with depth, intensity, heart and soul.  With original music, Runaway Sunday takes people to the edge through exploring different dimensions of sound with mixing electronic and acoustic instruments.

Runaway Sunday is an act in high demand after performing extensively at venues, events and festivals including the Queenslander Hotel, the Club Hotel, the Brew House, the Melbourne Hotel, Triple M’s Melbourne Cup Party, Cancer Council’s Relay For Life, and the Little Big Festival in Brisbane.  Runaway Sunday has shared stages with the likes of Mason Rack Band as well as the Wiggles!  Runaway Sunday has worked alongside Geoff Yeulaska and engineer Nils Pongseing out of Mother Mountain Studios, and recorded an EP with Australian artist & producer Matt Black.

Runaway Sunday caught the attention of several commercial radio stations such as Triple M 93.1fm as well as Coral Coast 94.3fm who conducted interviews, as well as broadcasting a live performance on-air showing how Runaway Sunday keeps it real and raw with live acoustics.

Runaway Sunday is also passionate about being a part of community events, and has contributed and assisted in delivering and conducting music workshops to local youth through the Bundaberg Vocal Academy, with a hope that her passion, experience, and knowledge will inspire future generations to pursue their dreams in music.