After saving a young woman from a near death experience at a concert in the wave pool water park, Andrew Charles began to think of himself as something of an Angel. Descent crept in and he questioned whether he was truly as Angelic as he thought he was. The internal battle raged… “SNAKE!” “No! ANGEL!” “SNAKE!” “NOOO! ANGEL!”
In the midst of this solo struggle, the Sun peaked out from between the clouds with its majestic rays appearing for the first time on that cloudy day; a voice said (in what reminded Andrew of the way Hansel’s name is announced in the movie Zoolander)
Andrew quietly laughed to himself, “That SNAKE ANGEL is so hot right now”
With a new name and a new attitude, SNKNGL was born. 10 years of musical education and thousands of engineering hours finally had a purpose. A fist wrapped in a feathered boa, raised to the heavens.
Since that fateful day, the SNKNGL has focused on becoming more precise with his music. Creating songs that last the endurance test of time and overplaying. He has learned how to mix like a professional DJ should, able to beat match any medium thrown at him from Vinyl to two open YouTube windows. He has played live shows and DJ sets in Phoenix, Seattle, San Francisco, and Hollywood, namely the House of Blues, Couture and The Room where he’s held residencies as both SNKNGL and his not-so-mild-mannered alter-ego Andrew Charles. With a couple small festivals under his wings, he’s ready to take on the rest of the world. Armed with a map and a set of keys, he’s ready to take this show to the next level.