The Eggman

The Eggman is an electronic artist hailing from Melbourne, Australia who tackles both the heavy and chill sides of electronic music. He is a fast rising producer dabbling in the genres of Trap, Dubstep, and Chillwave, who brings a unique and refreshing spin to bass music. Andrew, the creator behind the project has been producing electronic music for just over 2 years, with an additional 8 years experience in composing and playing music on a variety of instruments. The Eggman values local and international underground artists, working with rappers such as Diz Gizmo and Stesoul to create innovative and fresh tunes.

The Eggman is currently working on a new 6 track EP along with a handful of remixes and collaborations that will be released in the coming months. Andrew doesn’t rely on fancy production gear to write music, choosing to work on a laptop with a usb keyboard and a sweet pair of headphones. He also does his own music videos, embracing the DIY culture, spontaneous coming up with concepts the day of shooting. Despite this unorthodox approach, the project shows great promise with achievements such as winning Australian artist Oliver Tank’s remix competition in early 2014. With an impressive list of releases under his belt, as well as features on popular music sites such as the EDM Network (Trap), Inthemix and WHAT IZ, The Eggman is showing no signs of slowing down.