Production Services

Have Your Music Professionally Mastered

With a focus on quality, our team of experienced sound professionals uses a combination of Analogue and Digital processing, completed to the industry standard, to provide you with a final master suitable for commercial release on all platforms worldwide.  Completing masters to industry standards will give your music the best chance to be successful as mastering is required for broadcast on Radio and Television, Internet Radio such as Pandora, Online Music Stores and ensures your  music sounds consistent across all playback devices and sound systems!

What To Expect

    • Professional high quality master suitable for commercial distribution.
    • Master completed to the current industry standards for broadcast.
    • Communication with you to achieve your desired sound.
    • Quality focus on each individual project, mastered uniquely with no use of pre-sets.
    • Exceptional service for everyone no matter what level of music artist, we will always help you if you ask!
    • Revisions included with every project to make sure your happy with your masters.
    • Fast delivery available upon request, please get in contact with us to discuss availability and additional charges.
    • Work with industry experts who love music!
    • Safe Payments

Single Mastering
per song
Mastering For 1 Song
Master Single Song
CD Quality .WAV
FREE High Quality MP3 Included
Include Another Version of Song FREE
FREE Revisions
Delivery Within 3 Days
EP Mastering
Submit Up To 6 Songs For Mastering
Master Up To 6 Songs
Affordable Discounted Rate
CD Quality .WAV
FREE High Quality MP3 Included
FREE Revisions
Delivery Within 5 Days
Album Mastering
Submit Up To 10 Songs For Mastering
Master Up To 10 Songs
Affordable Discounted Rate
CD Quality .WAV
FREE High Quality MP3 Included
FREE Revisions
Delivery Within 7 Days

Guidelines For Submitting Your Project To Achieve The Best Results

  • Make sure you are happy with your overall mix. The better the quality of the project you submit, the better your final master will be.
  • Preferred mix format is 24 bit WAV or AIF, with a minimum sample rate of 44.1 kHz.
  • Make sure the Master channel has no effects such as Limiting, Normalizing, or Maximizing. Make sure there is no peaking levels causing distortion in your mix.
  • Leave a few db of headroom on the master channel meter. Maximum peak of -3db to -6db is a good guide to maintain quality while allowing for expansion during mastering.
  • Let us know if your looking to achieve something in particular in the mastering, so we can work with you to achieve your sound requirements.
  • If submitting an EP or Album please name each audio file with the intended track number to avoid confusion.

Before & After Mastering Examples

Retail Ready CD Manufacturing

Order physical CD's with our short run CD duplication service! Professional high quality audio CD's printed in full color with your artwork, assembled inside a Jewel Case, CD Jacket, CD Wallet, or Digipak also printed in full color with your artwork finished in plastic wrap and delivered direct to the customer!

  • Duplicated CD-R printed in full color with UV coating
  • Cases with full color custom printed inserts 
  • Retail Ready: professional quality, fully assembled, plastic wrapped
  • Print on Demand: order 1 or as many as you need, no hidden fees, turnaround time within 10 business days

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