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Our professional session musicians are available for hire to record tracks for your song. Weather its a Vocalist or an Instrumentalist you need, our session recording service will deliver commercial quality tracks for your project. 

How It Works:

  • Once you complete your order, we will ask you for detailed instructions on what you need, and if you have any demo’s or reference tracks to submit. 
  • The session musician of your choice will then record the part and we will send you a preview for approval.
  • Once approved, we will send you the finished full quality track. 

Modifications and Changes:

  • We will send you an MP3 preview after the track has been recorded for you to approve.
  • Any changes you request will be applied and we will send you a revised MP3 preview for your approval.
  • Additional requests for changes will be subject to an additional fee. Once payment is made, the changes you requested will be applied and we will send you another revised MP3 preview for your approval.

You will own 100% of the rights to the work!


One professionally recorded track up to 5 minutes long – $300

Additional tracks of the same instrument – $20/ea

Additional revisions – $20/ea

Gallie Fisher

  • Vocals
  • Keyboard
  • Mandolin

Matt Black-Smith

  • Vocals
  • Acoustic Guitar
  • Electric Guitar

Alicia Previn

  • Violin

Armani B

  • Piano
  • Keyboard/Keytar
  • Drums

Graham Gillot

  • Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Oud
  • Harmonica