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Squarewave is a music creation project which seeks to redefine traditional genres. This music simply is what it is, which is weird most of the time. Squarewave synthesizes sounds from various genres and brings them together in new and interesting arrangements that not only entertain the listener, but make them think about what they are listening to.

Squarewave as a project was started in 2011 by Joshua Dohme. Slowly and steadily, Joshua carefully pieced together arrangements that inspire thought amongst those who listen. Through the use of motif, he seeks to tie these works together in a cohesive manner, to create as complex a feeling as one can have while listening to music.

Squarewave and the music he creates are heavily inspired by the sounds of Muse, Metallica, The Mars Volta, Mr. Oizo, Daft Punk, and Justice. The inspiration for most of his arrangements stem from historical events, and one can deduce what these arrangements are about if one has a mind for history.

Squarewave is prepared to take over your stereo, headphones, your car, a local venue, regional stadium type locale, or broadband Internet connection. Stay tuned for sonic copulation.