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Tzimani, an expression of the word “Two” in the native Purepecha language, is quickly becoming Southern California’s fastest emerging New Wave of American Heavy Metal act, inspired by the generation of the classic heavy metal sound, invoked by the Motley Crues and Guns N Roses in their heyday. With flashes of dual lead guitars, galloping rhythms, and throaty but sharp singing, one would say the band doesn’t stray too far from the NWOBHM sound, brought to life and shaped by legendary acts Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

Shortly after the band’s formation, Eddie (vox, guitars, bass) and Sebastian (drums) recorded and self-released a one-song demo and respective music video for “Get Me Out Of Here; garnering critical acclaim in the local and regional press. The release caught the eye of Noize Cartel Records, which now plans to properly drop the single onto the world stage in hopes to reenergize the international metal scene with a fresh take on a modern metal sound but still emulating the metal canon of the 1980s, and put out a much anticipated proper EP.
Officially founded in 2017, the duo of Eddie and Sebastian Vazquez have roots in the underground Southern California heavy metal scene, writing, performing, and developing from the ground up a now prominent emerging metal act that produced two studio releases and shared the stage with touring acts Dead Horse Trauma, Fear Control, Vajra, The Unit, and Faster Pussycat.

The band, broadening its sights on the remainder of the year showcasing their raw, yet uncanny new rock sound, are set to release their studio debut, fleshing together two distinct, historical heavy metal epochs, illustrating the timeless approach to fast lead guitars with beautiful, yet technical articulation with catchy and flashy vocals, making you feel you are smack dab in the middle of the 1980s heavy metal explosion.

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